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Available dose & quan :10ml (2 x 5ml inj.) 4mg; 5ml injection 4mg;

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ZOLDRIA (Zometa, Generic Zoledronic Acid) rx free Manufactured Cipla Limited 4mg 10ml (2 x 5ml inj.) , Zometa without prescription, Generic Zoledronic Acid
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ZOLDRIA (Zometa, Generic Zoledronic Acid) rx free Manufactured Cipla Limited 4mg 5ml injection , Zometa without prescription, Generic Zoledronic Acid
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Orders ZOLDRIA are processed within 2-12 hours. Online international store offers a ZOLDRIA brand name without prescription. Common description/side effects of ZOLDRIA : This medication is used to treat high blood calcium levels (hypercalcemia) that may occur with cancer. Zoledronic acid is also used to treat bone problems that may occur with a certain type of cancer (multiple myeloma) and other types of cancer. Zoledronic acid belongs to a class of drugs known as bisphosphonates. It works by reducing the amount of calcium released from your bones into your blood.How to use Zoledronic Acid IVThis medication is given by injection by a health care professional. Kidney tests should be performed before each dose. This medication is given slowly into a vein over at least 15 minutes as directed by your doctor. Health care professionals must follow all instructions for proper mixing and dilution with the correct IV fluids. Before using, check this product visually for particles or discoloration. If either is present, do not use the liquid. Do not mix this drug with solutions that contain calcium (e.g., lactated Ringer's solution). If you have questions regarding the use of this medication, consult your pharmacist.The dosage is based on your medical condition and response to therapy. The dose should not be greater than 4 milligrams or be given over less than 15 minutes. Doses that are higher than 4 milligrams, doses given too quickly, or previous use of this medication (or related drugs such as alendronate) increase the risk for kidney problems. (See also Side Effects and Precautions sections.) For high calcium levels, one dose is usually given. If needed, a repeat dose may be given after 7 days.For bone problems, use as directed by your doctor. Your doctor may direct you to take calcium and vitamin D each day.It may take up to 7 days before the full benefit of this drug takes effect.Zoledronic Acid IV is used to treat the following:Cancer that has Spread To the Bone From Solid Tumors, Lesions in the Bone of the Disease Multiple Myeloma, Increased Calcium in the Blood from CancerZoledronic Acid IV may also be used to treat:Paget's Disease of Bone, Decreased Bone Mass Following Menopause, Prevent Osteoporosis caused by Anti-Androgen Drugs. There is no online consultation when ordering ZOLDRIA in our overseas pharmacy and no extra fees (membership, or consultation fees). Therefore, we guarantee quality of the ZOLDRIA at the lowest price on the net and your satisfaction with them.

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