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Available dose & quan :Kit ( 10 foils ) 600MG + LAMIVUDINE 300MG + DDI 250MG;

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ODIVIR (Generic EFAVIRENZ) rx free Manufactured Cipla Limited 600MG + LAMIVUDINE 300MG + DDI 250MG Kit ( 10 foils ) , Generic EFAVIRENZ
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Orders ODIVIR are processed within 2-12 hours. Online international store offers a ODIVIR brand name without prescription. Common description/side effects of ODIVIR : OdivirCategory: AntiviralOdivir is used in the treatment of the infection caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). HIV is the virus that causes acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS).Odivir is used in the treatment of the infection caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). HIV is the virus that causes acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). Lamivudine is also used to treat hepatitis B virus (HBV) infections.Odivir will not cure or prevent HIV infection or AIDS; however, it helps keep HIV from reproducing and appears to slow down the destruction of the immune system. This may help delay the development of problems usually related to AIDS or HIV disease. Lamivudine will not keep you from spreading HIV to other people. People who receive this medicine may continue to have other problems usually related to AIDS or HIV disease. Lamivudine is not a cure for the hepatitis B virus; the long-term effects of the drug on the infection and the liver are unknown at this time.Odivir may be taken with or without meals. However, meals high in fat should be avoided because the amount of Odivir absorbed into the body may be increased, which might increase the chance of side effects.The central nervous system (CNS) side effects that may occur with this medicine usually lessen after you have taken the medicine for a while. Also, taking Odivir at bedtime, especially during the first 2 to 4 weeks, may lessen these side effects.. There is no online consultation when ordering ODIVIR in our overseas pharmacy and no extra fees (membership, or consultation fees). Therefore, we guarantee quality of the ODIVIR at the lowest price on the net and your satisfaction with them.

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