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Available dose & quan :15 GM 0.05% Cream; 15 GM 0.05% Cream; 25 ml 0,05% a/a; 100 Cream;

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Dermovate (Generic Clobetasol) rx free Manufactured GlaxoSmithKline 0,05% a/a 25 ml , Generic Clobetasol
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LOBATE (Clobetasol, Temovate, Dermovate) rx free Manufactured NICHOLAS PIRAMAL 0.05% Cream 15 GM , Clobetasol without prescription, Temovate without prescription, Dermovate
LOBATE (Clobetasol, Temovate, Dermovate) rx free Manufactured NICHOLAS PIRAMAL 0.05% Cream 15 GM , Clobetasol without prescription, Temovate without prescription, Dermovate
skin itching, used various inflammation, treat and the of redness, discomfort conditions. dryness, scaling, crusting, and to scalp
Dermovate hydr.zalf 0.05% rx free Manuf by:GLAXO 100 Cream $ 47.66
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